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Let’s face it, families come in all shapes and sizes. As parents navigate through life’s ups and downs while raising a family, sometimes dealing with changes, such as a partner separation, divorce, death or another form of grief requires reaching out and making new connections.  Rainbows peer support program offers the possibility for children, teens and their parents to learn fresh perspectives on how to deal with changes and heal from them, in a safe and understanding environment. The peer support approach allows participants to move through the various stages of the program together, while building trust and a space for sharing their changes with one another. Confidentiality is ensured between program participants and trained volunteer facilitators (who are screened by site coordinator).

Rainbows Curricula –available for all ages (check with each site what is offered)

SunBeams: for pre-schoolers, ages 4-5
Rainbows (4 age levels): for children, grade 1 to 7
Spectrum (2 age levels): for adolescents, grade 8 to 12
Kaleidoscope: for college age and adults relating to, recent or childhood loss.
Prism: for single parents and step-parents to work through their own grief, help their children through grief, and rebuild the family unit.
Silver Linings: community crisis response program for all youth, Kindergarten – adolescents

The curricula consists of journals, activities, games, and stories that are designed to help participants express their feelings and move through their healing process.

Each curricula addresses the topics of Self, Family, Belonging, Fears, Blame, Trust, Forgiveness, Stepfamilies, Feelings, Changes, Transitions, Coping Tools, Reaching Out, and Acceptance.

Structure of Rainbows Program

Rainbows Curricula consists of 12 to 13 weekly meetings, which are 30 to 60 minutes, adjusted to the age group of the participants.

The small groups consist of 5 participants, in the same age group, and the facilitators are loving listeners who guide the discussion and activities.

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Click HERE to learn more about the structure of the Rainbows Program on the Home Page

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