Over 100,000 Canadian children are affected each year by divorce, separation, or death in their families. Often confused and angry, these young people reveal their pain by acting out in inappropriate behaviour or withdrawing in unhealthy ways. Rainbows offer a proactive solution to this dilemma!

Rainbows is an international program that began in 1983 in Chicago. Since its beginning, we have helped over 3 million children, adolescents, and adults experiencing grief or loss.

Rainbows is a non-profit peer support organization. Groups are led by a Rainbows chosen and trained adult facilitators.

The curriculum is designed to assist children, adolescents, and adults who are grieving a death, divorce, or any other painful transition in their family.

You can learn more about Rainbows and our history at the Rainbows Canada website.

The Rainbows program depends on grants from foundations and charitable donations from businesses, service clubs, individuals, and fund-raising events. Please help support Rainbows Nanaimo today.


Rainbows is a program that runs for one hour each week for 12 weeks. The curriculum consists of journals, activities, games and stories that are designed to help participants express their feelings and move through grief.

Each curriculum addresses the topics of Self, Family, Belonging, Fears, Blame, Trust, Forgiveness, Stepfamilies, Feelings, Changes, Transitions, Coping, Reaching Out, and Acceptance.


Rainbows Nanaimo is located at Christ Church 2221 Bowen Road. (See map below)

Rainbows programs can be implemented in schools, places of worship, hospitals, hospices, and day care centers. military family resource centers and social service agencies.

We are also located in a number of schools. Please check with your school administration to determine if your school offers Rainbows.