Rainbows Participants’ Feedback

Kids’ evaluations:

“Rainbows taught me that it is not my fault”- boy, age 9

Parents’ evaluations:

“It’s amazing when you have a common bond with someone,                                                                  how easily you can feel comfortable with them.”— a widow

‘For me a valuable part of the parent group was following the same                                                      program steps as my son. It was beneficial in enabling me to initiate                                                 dialogue with my son around his views on Rainbows’ activities and                                              discussion.

It was helpful to hear other parents noticing similar behavioral changes                                                 in their children, it helped to alleviate some guilt and stress, as well  as to                                         focus on how to discuss these issues with my son.’

‘It was nice to be able to talk to other people who understand what you                                                 going through. My daughter loves it here, we both feel comfortable here.                                                 I did not feel at all embarrassed about my situation.                                                                               Everyone makes you feel welcome.’

‘I have to thank Rainbows for everything , they have made an amazing                                             difference in our lives and I look forward to more support in the future.’

‘It’s good to have a place to talk through problems with people in a                                                       similar situation. Our facilitator has been a very good facilitator.                                                                He’s comfortable, easy going and fair in how he runs the group. I did find                                                 the time went very fast, and with only 4 people in the group, we still didn’t                                               get to go through everything.’

‘It felt like a safe place to share. It was helpful to be able to ask others who were further along in their journey, how they got through certain parts. It’s also good to hear that everything I’m feeling is valid and that things will get better. I have made a couple of good friends that I hope to continue a friendship with. ’

‘I don’t feel like the social anomaly that I initially thought I was when my husband died. It helps to talk to others who are dealing with the same thing…’

“I feel that Rainbows has allowed me to express feelings  and emotions that have been festering within me since my separation. My relationships with my children, as well as my ex-wife, have totally benefited from my new found ability to communicate.”

“Both children seem to enjoy Rainbows and never have any reservations about coming. I personally am able to talk the children through their anger and they respond well. Thank you!”
“Both our children have attended Rainbows. I have noticed a dramatic difference in my 6 year old daughter’s behaviours & ability to cope with change. She is back to her old self. The difference hasn’t been as  pronounced with our 4 year old . But I have noticed after the rainbows session he is now more attentive and sensitive to the needs of others. Thank you for everything – Rainbows really helped us.”

Facilitator’s feedback:

“I believe that when a child recognizes that he/she is not alone and there are other children enduring forms of grief, it is worth it! Many of the children love coming to see their friends, enjoy their group, and are cared for by their facilitator. I definitely think that Rainbows supports children.”

“This group provided a safe environment to share/ express feelings that may not have been shared elsewhere. Each child has shown improvements, although each at different paces. They are all moving forward.”