Supporting a Grieving Child: The Importance of Modeling

(excerpted from Readers with children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, or any child-age friend or family member, I want you to envision the following scenario: You are flipping through the television channels with your young friend sitting nearby.  The child is playing but he or she looks up whenever something attention grabbing appears on the tv.Continue reading “Supporting a Grieving Child: The Importance of Modeling”

Rainbows Nanaimo Program Feedback

Facilitator’s feedback: “I believe that when a child recognizes that he/she is not alone and there are other children enduring forms of grief, it is worth it! Many of the children love coming to see their friends, enjoy their group, and are cared for by their facilitator. I definitely think that Rainbows supports children.” “ThisContinue reading “Rainbows Nanaimo Program Feedback”